Dec 1, 2005
Outside Magazine
Grivel's X Monster Ice Tool, Surefire's U2 Ultra Flashlight, Garmin's Rino 530 GPS, Maverick's Speedball Seatpost, and Tag Heuer's Link Automatic Chronograph Watch

a) Swing Grivel's revolutionary X Monster ice tool because of how damn cool it looks, then dedicate yourself to mastering the mixed rock-and-ice routes at which it excels. $125; www.grivelnorthmerica.com b) Need light, not excuses? Surefire's indestructible U2 Ultra flashlight is made from hard-anodized aluminum, has a long-life LED bulb, and at 80 lumens is four times as bright as a two-D-cell torch. $270; www.surefire.com c) Find your way—and your friends—with Garmin's Rino 530, a GPS and two-way radio hard-wired together so you can beam the location of a backcountry stash to partners up to 14 miles away. $536; www.garmin.com d) You don't have to be a bike geek to appreciate Maverick's SpeedBall, a hydraulic seatpost that subdues the hardest hills with three inches of on-demand height adjustment. $220; www.maverickbike.com e) You may not play like Tiger, but at least you can sport his timepiece, Tag Heuer's Link Automatic Chronograph . Don't be fooled by the Link's precision beauty; its case is cut from a block of solid steel. $2,795; www.tagheuer.com