Dec 1, 2005
Outside Magazine
Mammut's Transmission Hybrid Pro Jacket, The Balvenie 1971 Single Cask Scotch, Gregory's Diablo Currier Bag, and Blunderstone's Bloke 490 Boots

a) With Schoeller Nano-Sphere technology protecting its Teflon-like exterior, Mammut's Transmission Hybrid Pro repels everything from sleet to barbecue sauce. A zip-in vest boosts warmth on long lift rides. $450; b) Take one glorious sip of The Balvenie 1971 Single Cask—an exclusive single-malt culled from just four barrels—and you'll realize it's not so much an expensive Scotch as a bargain trip to Scotland. $599; c) Go ahead, cram your computer and running shoes into Gregory's Diablo. Its molded back panel is always comfortable against the hip, the smooth soft-shell fabric stretches without deforming, and its genius shoulder strap adjusts one-handed for any load. $99; d) Clear out the shoe closet. Blundstone's Bloke 490 leather boots will see you through a road trip on Route 66, a weekend in the Adirondacks, or a night out in Greenwich Village. $140;