Ben Horton

Dec 3, 2009
Outside Magazine
Ben Horton

Age: 26
Organization: International League of Conservation Photographers
Horton is many things: adventurer, photographer, activist. Just don't call him a photojournalist. "Photojournalism is about presenting a story straight, without personal input," he says. "For me, I want to influence the story. I want to create change." To that end, Horton has traveled to the world's wildest and most endangered landscapes—including the Arctic in spring 2008 as part of Will Steger's Global Warming 101 expedition—to document those environments with his camera. He then publishes and exhibits the images to persuade the public, politicians, and big-time philanthropists like Richard Branson to protect them. "If you present scientific data to a group of people, not many are going to get it," he says. "But if you put a picture of a landscape in front of them, all of a sudden they have a personal experience with it, and they'll become inspired to save it." Says Horton: "Everybody has their own medium, whether it's writing, music, computers, or artwork. Use it to create change."

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