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The Best Slopeside Coffee

Nov 1, 2005
Outside Magazine

MO' 'SPRO, BRO? Java on 4th owner Todd Rippo works the deck.

Rousing yourself at the rooster's cry for fresh tracks is no easy feat. But more cafés than ever are roasting their own beans and treating the resulting brew like fine wine, leaving myriad options for eye-popping ski-town java.

Java on 4th Ketchum, Idaho
The '62 Continental is a gentle hit on the espresso Richter scale: mild and dark. You don't have to be a connoisseur to appreciate it. 208-726-2882

Camp 4 Coffee Crested Butte, Colorado
For a swift kick in the ski pants, sip the Sledgehammer espresso blend. Delicious, dark, and complex, it's like drinking a 30-year-old Bordeaux—without staining your teeth red. 970-349-5148

Java Junction South Lake Tahoe, California
Take a seat round the deck's fire pit and swig local roaster Alpen Sierra's traditional Italian blend for a dark, intensely drinkable espresso with an oaky finish. 530-659-7453

Oso Negro Nelson, British Columbia
Grab a shot of whatever's in the "hopper" for a multifaceted espresso experience. Or toss back the Princess of Darkness blend. 877-232-6489