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By Andrew Zuckerman


Chronicle Books, $60, out in October

Feathery portraits on white backgrounds look three-dimensional, like museum exhibits or taxidermy. Disturbing and thrilling.

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Buy the Book: The World from My Front Porch

The World from My Front Porch
Chris Boot, $75

By Larry Towell

Towell juxtaposes work from war zones with shots of his family and farm. A portrait of rural innocence made possible by Daddy's derring-do.

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Buy the Book: Earth on Fire: How Volcanoes Shape Our Planet

Earth on Fire
Phaidon, $60

By Bernhard Edmaier

Edmaier, a German geologist, spent a decade taking aerial shots of live volcanoes. Result: geologic pyrotechnics in matte finish.

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Buy the Book: Ancient Light: A Portrait of the Universe

Ancient Light
Phaidon, $50

By David Malin

Star trails spin like kaleidoscopes. Nebulas resemble nighttime snow. Lunar craters? Rocky acne. Arty space porn, shot with a telescope.

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