Elephants in the Room

A quick look and the outdoor cred and environmental records of the Republican candidates

Oct 7, 2011
Outside Magazine
The Republican candidates debate in Iowa

The Republican candidates debate in Iowa    Photo: iowapolitics.com

One hunts varmints. Another thinks the EPA should go the way of the spotted owl. Another rides a Harley to campaign events and has called for cap-and-trade regulations on power plants. They’re the Republican candidates for President of the United States, and they’ll soon be on a ballot near you. Here’s what you need to know about their outdoor sporting backgrounds and views on the environment. Ratings on outdoor cred go from 1 (I see plenty of nature—along the side of the Interstate) to 10 (I crap in the woods and like it). Ratings on the environment go from 1 (global warming is nothing but a job-killing, freedom-hating conspiracy) to 10 (I want to hug Al Gore like Tipper won’t anymore). The candidates included in this list still stand a snowball’s chance in the rapidly melting Arctic of winning the Republican nomination. Former New Mexico governor and adventure athlete Gary Johnson isn’t included—Outside  already covered him in detail here.

Rick Perry

Mitt Romney

Michelle Bachman

Newt Gingrich

Ron Paul

Jon Huntsman

Herman Cain

Rick Santorum

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