Michelle Bachman

Congresswoman from Minnesota

Oct 7, 2011
Outside Magazine
Michelle Bachman

Michelle Bachman    Photo: Markn3tel

Outdoor cred: 1

Environmental cred: 1

Spends her time outdoors at: campaign events

Bio: A member of the US House of Representatives from Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District in the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities, Bachmann worked as a tax lawyer for the IRS before entering politics as a state legislator. She was once named to the “Dirty Dozen” list of anti-environmental legislators by the League of Conservation Voters.

Telling quote: “Carbon dioxide is natural. It occurs in Earth. It is a part of the regular lifecycle of Earth. In fact, life on planet Earth can’t even exist without carbon dioxide.”

Loves to: Be a foster parent. She has taken 23 into her home over the years, all teens.

Environmental stance: She wants to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, says cap and trade is nothing but a liberal scheme to raise money for funding entitlements, is no friend of the EPA, opposes regulations to phase out old incandescent light bulbs, and proposed drilling in the Everglades—a proposal that led to guffaws from liberal and conservative groups in South Florida.  

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