Herman Cain

Former president of National Restaurant Association

Oct 7, 2011
Outside Magazine
Herman Cain

Herman Cain    Photo: Gage Skidmore

Outdoor cred: 1

Environmental cred: 1

Spends his time outdoors at: Many Tea Party rallies.

Bio: The Memphis-born and Georgia-raised mathematician worked as an analyst for Coca-Cola, Pillsbury, and Burger King until he became the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, serving for nearly a decade until the mid-90s. He now hosts a radio show and writes books.

Telling quote: “I don't believe global war—global warming is real. Do we have climate change? Yes. Is it a crisis, no,” he told a CBS interviewer.

Loves to: Write books. He’s published five of them in the last 15 years. He’s also an accomplished singer.

Environmental stance: He believes government regulations on the environment hurt jobs, strongly opposes any kind of cap and trade or carbon tax, and has suggested eliminating the EPA. Cain is a big fan of energy sources that come from the ground. He says America is rich in coal, oil, natural gas and uranium. He said the United States would be able to break its dependence on foreign energy sources if the government would get out of the way and allow people to drill, mine, and frack more.

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