Eight Classic Travel Shoes

San Francisco software executive Charles Veley, 45, is the world's most traveled person.* Which means he cares about what goes on his feet.

Oct 6, 2010
Outside Magazine
Ocean Minded Dune Rider

Ocean Minded Dune Rider    Photo: Lucas Zarebinski

"After abandoning my bag in a Russian airport and buying a new wardrobe in Mongolia, I try not to check luggage. Four pairs of foot­wear fit in my overhead baggage. I always carry business-attire oxfords—I work full-time—and then, depending on how many different climates or time zones I'll visit, choose from moccasins, running shoes, hiking boots, or sandals. (Hospitality talcum powder from Asian hotel rooms keeps the smell down.) Moccasin loafers and jeans work anywhere. I recently wore them in Chernobyl, figuring the vodka would offset any radioactivity. But, you know, my wife has the biggest closet. If you really want to discuss shoes, talk with her."

*According to Veley's Web site, MostTraveledPeople.com, there are 872 distinct "countries, territories, autonomous regions, enclaves, geographically separated island groups, and major states and provinces" in the world. Veley has visited 822.

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