Darkness Visible

Nightsun Team Issue Lightman and Black Diamond's Supernova

Sep 1, 2002
Outside Magazine

Attach the dual-beam NIGHTSUN TEAM ISSUE onto your road bike's handlebars and you'll light up the asphalt like a five-ball Roman candle. Run a single beam at dusk, run both in dark hollows, or flick the second bulb like a high beam as you roll up to intersections. The LIGHTMAN rear strobe (not shown), which draws its juice from the same water-bottle-shaped nicad battery and adds only five ounces to the 37-ounce system, is a must for commuting. Burn time: three hours on single beam. ($175; 626-799-5074, www.night-sun.com. Taillight: $40.)

Once upon a time, headlamps had two settings: on and off. You burned the battery just as fast digging in your pack for energy gel at dusk as you did negotiating a col on a moonless night. BLACK DIAMOND'S 180-GRAM SUPERNOVA makes those old units look about as advanced as a match in the wind. The halogen alone has three brightness options that burn from three to ten hours, but a single click of the dimmer switch puts you in LED mode for 1,000 hours of task lighting. There's even a six-volt backup battery that, in a pinch, buys you an extra 20 hours of illumination. Burn time on high: a respectable three hours. ($70; 801-278-5533, www.blackdiamondequipment.com)