40. Raise $2,500 for a Cause

On our 2010 Life List: raise $2,500 for a cause.

Sep 1, 2010
Outside Magazine

(1) Sign up to participate in a race or noncompetitive athletic event (active.com). Any event requiring some degree of training and sacrifice will do. (2) Choose a cause that means something to you (networkforgood.org), Then do some research and select a specific project to fund. (3) Create an online donation site that provides details of your event and the specific project you're supporting (active.com/active­giving). (4) Send an e-mail solicitation and a link through Facebook and Twitter. Be sure said e-mail describes how much you'll be suffering for their money and specifies the project they'll be funding. (5) Watch the donations fly in. (If not, keep repeating step 4 and dial up the guilt with each successive plea: "So sorry to bother you again. I'm only sending this note to people who have for some reason NOT donated to my cause. Perhaps you didn't receive my first note?") (6) Train for the event (outsideonline.com/fitnesscenter). (7) Complete the event. (8) Follow up and thank everyone who donated. (9) Bask in the warm glow.