Kill Like a Caveman

Sometimes hunting like Fred Flintstone is the only option, according to Steven Rinella, star of the Travel Channel show "The Wild Within."

Jan 20, 2011
Outside Magazine
Hunting with rocks.

Sometimes hunting like Fred Flintstone is your only option.

Let's say you're in a serious pickle—out there, lost, hungry—and need protein. Your best bet, according to contributing editor Steven Rinella, star of the new Travel Channel show The Wild Within, is to take aim at small game like a squirrel, grouse, or rabbit—and keep it simple:

"The bottom line is you shouldn't take any tool you don't already know how to use, or think you're going to save your ass by attempting some technique you've never done. A slingshot They're a joke, a toy … have you ever tried to actually hit a target with one? Impossible. That's what's so great about a rock: anybody can huck one. … You're going to need a bigger one than you think. Generally speaking, you need a rock about the size of the animal you're trying to kill. It's essentially a shock-and-awe tactic—you just want to coldcock it. Get as close as you can. Don't look at it in the eye and don't walk directly toward it. Take an oblique angle, like you're going to walk right past it, quickly and assuredly, without noticing it. At the point at which you're closest to the animal, turn and throw the rock in one fluid motion. The blow may only momentarily stun the animal, so leap on him and finish him off right away."

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