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Grrrl! Power: Backside 360 with Victoria Jealouse

Jan 5, 2004
Outside Magazine
skiing, snowboarding

Victoria Jealouse

Burton-team rider Jealouse switched from skiing to boarding in 1989, and has been mixing estrogen-adrenaline cocktails ever since. Having won both national and international competitions, she now spends her time hucking on film and showing fellow XX riders how to go big. (Watch the video)

Before You Start: "A lot of girls get pushed into doing tricks in the same way as guys. Guys can get slammed and bounce back, but we need to warm up more," she says. The fix? Take a few runs doing loop-de-loops, spinning from your toe toward your heel. Once you get used to the rotation, find either a lip on the side of the trail that leads to a level surface, or a small mogul. "Learn to do a 180 first, getting about a foot of air. Learn small and you'll be able to go big," Jealouse says.

Approach: As with any jump, stay low. Keep the board flat and turn your shoulders slightly toward the jump, preparing to start the spin toward your board's tail on takeoff.

Takeoff: To maximize your air, you want to pop off the tail of the board. Put more weight on your back foot, then, just as you take off, lean onto your toe edge, keeping your shoulders square to the jump. "Get the board out in front of you as you get in the air, don't keep it underneath your body," Jealouse says.

Up In The Air: Once you come off the lip, start turning your shoulders toward the tail of the board. Most guys will want to keep their upper bodies pretty square over the board, since they'll probably come into the spin with a little more force, but people with smaller frames can leverage their bodyweight more effectively by bringing the front shoulder down. "Bringing the shoulder down will cause [most guys] to go into a corkscrew, but for girls it should provide just enough rotation to get around," she says. Be sure to turn your head back and keep looking down. Spice it up by grabbing the board with your front hand in between your bindings.

Landing: "Spinning backside is easier to learn than frontside. Your body is going to unwind naturally and your landing spot is going to be obvious," she says. Once your body has come around, spot where you're going land. Hit the snow with a flat board, back foot first— then blow a kiss to your admirers.