Count Down

Rethink new year’s with these five unique blowouts

Dec 27, 2007
Outside Magazine
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Who to call after having too much fun

Tahoe: Sunshine Taxi, 530-544-5555

Scottsdale: Scottsdale Taxi, 480-994-4567

Portland: Broadway Cab, 503-227-1234

Reykjavík: Hreyfill Taxi, 354-588-5522

Jost Van Dyke: Bun's Tequila Sea Taxi, 284-495-9281

A Night at Foxy's
2:14 P.M. Set anchor in Jost Van Dyke's Great Harbor. 6 P.M. Dinghy over to Foxy's Tamarind Bar and enjoy barbecue and frosty home brews. 11:43 P.M. After hours of marinating in beer and local music, link arms with 3,000 soggy beach bums and, of course, Foxy Callwood, the calypso-ballad-belting bar owner, to sing "Auld Lang Syne." 9 A.M. Wake up somewhere on the beach and hitch a boat ride over to Willy T's, a restaurant on an old ship off Norman Island, near the fabled site of Long John Silver's treasure.

PDX Rock City
6:34 P.M. Grab a bike from the lobby of the Ace Hotel—your weekend digs—and ride two miles to Clarklewis, a sustainable restaurant that inhabits an old loading dock and serves local meat and produce. 9:35 P.M. Return the bike and walk to the Crystal Ballroom, one of Portland's most historic concert venues. Drop the flannel and celebrate by dancing on a floating dance floor. 12:01 A.M. Find your friends and walk across the Burnside Bridge to the Fir Ball ($40 cover), at Doug Fir, an indie-music venue and restaurantbar that looks like it was designed by an artsy Paul Bunyan. 4:22 A.M. Wander back to the Ace Hotel with a fresh case of tinnitus.

The Blockbuster
3:07 P.M. Take your last turns at Heavenly. 8:58 P.M. Buy a Sierra Nevada for that cute snowboarder back at the Block, your hotel, designed in part by pro snowboarder Marc Frank Montoya. 10:30 P.M. Head to closed U.S. 50 for the four-lane block party where drunken revelers make their way on foot from Park Avenue, California, to Lake Park Way, Nevada. 11:59 P.M. Duck into MontBleu Casino. Put all your money down on the roulette table and pray.

The L.A. Alternative
6:14 P.M. Steal away from the hardbodies poolside at the Mondrian Scottsdale. This urban hipster resort hotel kicked off the city's recent transformation from blue-hair buffet to fun micro-L.A. 7:42 P.M. Stop by the Rusty Spur Saloon, a kitschy former bank turned western bar. Knock back a few 8th Street Ales with your long-lost college fraternity brother and the cowboy-boot crowd. 10:11 P.M. Head back downtown for Scottsdale's Ultimate Block Party, on Craftsman's Court. Mingle with the more than 10,000 revelers in Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl. 11:57 P.M. Decide your wingman is a loser and strike out on your own.

Fire and Ice
5:35 P.M. When it comes to New Year's Eve fireworks laws, Reykjavík doesn't have many—so stock up on six-inch mortars. 8:44 P.M. Hit the 11 bonfires scattered throughout the city. 11:59 P.M. Prepare for a huge light show—Iceland imports 396 tons of explosives annually. 12:07 A.M. Head to Kaffibarinn, a bar partly owned by Damon Albarn (vocalist for Blur, Gorillaz, and the Good, the Bad & the Queen). 8 A.M. Wake up at 101 Hotel, stomach some hakarl (putrefied shark meat, a questionable hangover cure), then head to Blue Lagoon, the classic local hot springs.