Dahon Speed D7


Apr 12, 2011
Outside Magazine
Dahon Speed D7 commuter bike

Dahon Speed D7    Photo: Photo by Inga Hendrickson

THE SELL: Cramped, harried urbanites can have their bike and ride it, too.
THE TEST: Besides the nice price and the fact that, post-ride, you can stash it in your trunk, closet, or midsize suitcase, we found another likely reason the chromoly D7 is the world's best-selling folding bicycle: it's a pretty damn good ride. No, we weren't shredding tarmac or floating over potholes; we were, however, navigating city streets deftly and surprisingly quickly—without ever feeling like we'd borrowed a kindergartener's bike (despite the 20-inch wheels). Plus we were able to lash our luggage to the rear rack and trust the fenders to keep street-begrimed rainwater at bay.
THE VERDICT: Size doesn't matter as much as we thought. dahon.com