Paddling Chilean Patagonia

Outside Editors' Choice

Jul 22, 2010
Outside Magazine
Lago Cachorro, Chile

Lago Cachorro, Chile    Photo: David McLain/Aurora

In the fingertips of Patagonia's Southern Ice Cap, you might as well be in another century. There are no people, no cruise ships, no nothing. Just pick a narrow fjord that's guarded by a reef or shallow pass, then it's just you and all that ice piled up on top of the southern Andes. You can see the entire life cycle of a glacier, from peak to calving, all within the span of a mile. Those famous trans-ice-cap crossings by Børge Ousland and the other crazy Norwegians? They happened right above you. Fly to Punta Arenas and meet up with Indomita Patagonia. They'll provide kayaks, food, and a fishing vessel to base out of on a weeklong tour of the area's fjords. From $2,220; indomita¬≠