Survey Says! (cont.)

Jun 1, 2004
Outside Magazine

THE TREND Though the sport is thousands of years old, OUTRIGGER CANOEING is enjoying a renaissance. Participation, in the form of one-, two-, or six-man boats, has grown 30 percent annually since 2002. Today there are more than 500 outrigger clubs worldwide—from Duluth, Minnesota, to Kamakura, Japan—and nearly 300,000 paddlers in the U.S. alone, says Todd Bradley, a design partner in Outrigger Connection Worldwide, a Honolulu-based boatbuilder that tracks participation stats.

WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU An aerobic workout that "has all the cardio benefits of running, cycling, or swimming," says Doug Hiller, an orthopedic surgeon and president of Labman Hawaii, which specializes in exercise performance research.

GET STARTED Outrigger canoeing is a beginner-friendly sport, and most local clubs welcome newbies. Go to or for info on a club near you.