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What's to love in 2006? How about 100 of the most newsworthy athletes, products, gadgets, bold ideas, and badass feats? From Lance's remarkable retirement (you try raising $500,000 for charity in one night) to a cell phone that logs your training run (and tells you where to turn) to a 33-item gift guide (check out Oakley's Bluetooth shades), here ar

Dec 5, 2006
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Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong in Malibu, California, August 2006

1: Lance Armstrong: the world's busiest retiree

2-12: Including the two-second tent, guerrilla gardening, and Ned "the Lung" Overend

13-16: Slick Stocking Stuffers

17-33: Including Bikes 4 Kids, the Vacation to Hell, and organic beer

34-48: A surfboard auction, plus more holiday gift ideas

49-58: Patagonia's flagship surf shop, nordic skier Andy Newell, and SRAM

59: Corn Fed: The path to sustainable energy goes through Reynolds, Indiana

60-74: Including Xylon bikes, Jay-Z, and Terra Plana footwear

75-77: Toys!

78-90: The Jacksons have it, the 100-mile diet, and the Devil's Thumb Ranch

91-100: The Happy Planet Index, the world's highest BASE jump, and Fishing Around the Globe

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