Snow Report 2005

Nov 1, 2004
Outside Magazine
Apple G5

Apple G5

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The Producers: from left, TGR's main men, Steve Jones, Corey Gavitt, Todd Jones, and Dirk Collins

DIY Ski Porn
Ever wanted to produce your own ski porn? Yeah, we thought so. But before you book the talent, hire the heli, and print up those premiere-party invites, you need to acquire the right equipment. Outside asked Reno, Nevada–based Itai Nemovicher, a 27-year-old ski-film director and producer with Omen Productions, to recommend shooting and editing gear that will help you turn your hucks into DVD bucks.
» VIDEO CAMERA Sony DSR-PD170 Pro DVCAM: "It puts out a high-quality image but won't break the bank. A lot of professionals are using this level of camera. And since it can store JPEGs as well, you can insert the stills in the video." $3,940; 800-686-7669,
» HELMET CAM Custom Video Cameras SportCam Xtreme: "The lens transmits a clean image to the video camera, plus it's pretty much indestructible." $699; 406-387-5732,
» HARDWARE Apple Power Mac G5 with 20-inch Cinema HD Display: "I like working on Apples, because they're a little more intuitive and process information better. Also, they're memory-sensitive and don't overly waste hard-drive space." $3,798 as shown; 800-692-7753,
» SOFTWARE Apple Final Cut Express 2: "iMovie is fine for the home user, but with hundreds of transitions and filters, Final Cut Express 2 has many of the tools that aspiring professional filmmakers need." $299; 800-692-7753,
» TRIPOD Manfrotto MDeVe 754: "What tripod you use depends on the weight of the camera. But if you go top-of-the-line, you won't have to replace it tomorrow. And a cheaper tripod means jerky pans. You want a smooth head, like you get on the Manfrotto, for smooth pans." $616; 201-818-9500,
TOTAL COST: $9,352 —R. S.

Home Entertainment
Chill Footage
YEARBOOK ($28, Matchstick Productions; 50 minutes): BASE jumping off Switzerland's Eiger—with skis. Punk pros amp up the antics, hucking the world's best vert, from Norway to British Columbia. X ($28, Poor Boyz Productions; 42 minutes): Highlights? Big-mountain masters rip through the Russian backcountry, and X Gamers bow to Swede Jon Olsson's 22-foot launch out of the pipe. SOUL PURPOSE ($28, Teton Gravity Research; 55 minutes): Get ready to replay Sage Cattabriga-Alosa's corked 720's over the 160-foot Chad's Gap, in Utah's Little Cottonwood Canyon. You'll never be that good. Or that crazy.

And for the most mountain garb you've ever seen in New York City, head over to TGR's November 19 release party at Avalon NYC, in Chelsea, where more than 1,100 urbanites will mingle with some of the ski-and-snowboard world's hottest pros.
—T. Z.

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