State of the Art

Whether on the highway or the trail, the new spokesmodels of spin will carry you forward in revolutionary style

Apr 1, 2005
Outside Magazine
Cannondale Six13

PEDALS TO THE METAL: The Cannondale Six13 looks so good, you need to see it twice.

HOLD ON TO YOUR HANDLEBARS. Bike alchemists have just arrived at the first perfect ride, an agile alliance of bleeding-edge materials and design that finally delivers the holy grail of cycling: high speed and all-day comfort. We wouldn’t jive you. Brilliant shock innovations have created a whole new genre, the full-suspension trail bike, which nearly eliminates the energy-sapping inefficiency of previous models while preserving the big bounce. A revolution in carbon-fiber technology has led to featherweight road-bike frames and components, allowing you to fly over asphalt without sacrificing your spine. What does it all mean? You’ll ride faster, longer, smoother, and with more confidence than ever. The age of compromise is over. Now you can have it all.

Tour de France 2005
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