Essentials: Riding


May 17, 2006
Outside Magazine

Photograph by Jens Mortensen

1. BLACKBURN's AIRFIX pairs a nine-piece multitool with a full-featured CO2 inflator. The only way to make changing a flat easier? Squeeze in a bike tech, too. $40;

2. It's depressingly easy to damage lenses when switching between tints. But RUDY PROJECT's HORUS has plastic-framed lenses, which make for a quick, scratch-free swap. $175;

3. The SELLE SAN MARCO MAGMA MGC weighs half of what most saddles do and still feels surprisingly gentle on your soft parts. $199;

4. With on-ride gadgets galore, CRANK BROTHERS' MULTI-19 is the next best thing to carrying a work stand. $30;

5. Why do so many pros choose TIME's RXS TITAN CARBON pedals? They're strong and light (6.7 ounces per pair), and they offer ultimate power transfer. $300;

6. Alleviate aching fingers with ERGON's ergonomically correct MP1 mountain-bike grip. $30;

7. No more sweaty hands, thanks to the mesh palm swatches on PEARL IZUMI's GEL-VENT PRO GLOVES. $40;

8. KINETIC's HEAVYWEIGHT DUAL simulates road feel better than any other indoor trainer we've ridden. $450;

9. A veritable laptop for your bars, GARMIN's EDGE 305 HR is a waterproof, wireless unit that monitors altitude, speed, distance, time, and heart rate, as well as ride profiles you can download to 3-D maps. $379;

10. TITANIUM KING CAGES weigh less than an ounce and are guaranteed for life. $60;