Trips of a Lifetime

Chase your travel dreams with 48 handpicked adventures guaranteed to satisfy every type of wandering soul

Mar 1, 2004
Outside Magazine
The Trips of a Lifetime

Waiting for the train: A layover in Zermatt    Photo: Abrahm Lustgarten

Worldwide Wild
It's an infinite planet of adventure¬óbut you want trips that inspire, excite, recharge, and revolutionize your sense of possibility. You just hit the motherlode. From trekking the classic heart of Patagonia to exploring British Columbia's wilderness coast (with African safaris, polar epics, and Italian idylls spicing up the menu), your dream journey is here.
PLUS: The Trip of the Year winners¬ówe select the world's ten best adventures.

Waking the Bear
For the daring traveler, Russia offers a fantasyland of empty mountains, crashing whitewater, and untrammeled backcountry.

Can You Here Me Now?
Affordable satellite phones make far-flung expeditions safer. But if you never hang up, you lose the solace of the wilderness.

Contributors: Jason Daley, Kimberly Lisagor, Amy Marr, and Tim Neville