Joshua Paul

May 9, 2008
Outside Magazine
Photographer Joshua Paul

Joshua Paul    Photo: Photograph by Alex Tehrani

If you ask Paul about his most dangerous assignments, you'll wonder how he's still alive. For Outside alone, the Brooklyn-based photographer, 39, has survived two weeks in the Amazon with no food but plantains, and taken a ten-mile night hike through an Azerbaijani viper field to get back to the Georgia border, which he'd accidentally crossed. "I always wanted to be a war photographer, and I think this kind of adventure lends itself well to that," Paul says. "You have survival gear and a couple of cameras and you come off with a really cool story." After all the chaos, being photographed by colleague Alex Tehrani should be a cinch, right? "It's funny, I go to Africa and I worry about logistics and shots," Paul says. "I was way more nervous to be a model."

On Paul: Light Weight Military Twill Blazer ($198) from Polo by Ralph Lauren; Stretch Poplin shirt ($60) by Banana Republic; Short Sleeve Crew ($46) by James Perse; 501 Jeans ($46) by Levi's.