You Know You Want It


Dec 1, 2003
Outside Magazine

[a] Swoosh engineers devised the NIKE ACG OREGON OUTPUT JACKET for mornings when you need a light extra layer. The 11-ounce piece includes a tiny pocket, articulated sleeves, and breathable mesh material under the arms. ($120; 800-344-6453, [b] MERRELL's ultra-grabby Stormfront runners were designed for the trail, but they'll handily pound winter pavement. Gore-Tex XCR on the outside of the upper keeps Manhattan slush where it belongs. ($100; 800-789-8586, [c] Factoring in the outside temperature, humidity, and your heart rate and weight, the EON-202 DEHYDRATION MONITOR WATCH estimates how many fluid ounces you've sweated away and chirps when it's time to replace them. ($150; 800-852-7823, [d] The ICEBREAKER U-TURN is a soft, stretchy merino-wool midlayer that's highly breathable. And, no, it won't leave you smelling like a wet and woolly farm animal. ($96; 800-814-5000, [e] Consider the ULTIMATE DIRECTION ACCESS your trusty agua sidearm—20 ounces of squeeze-bottle refreshment cinched against your waist at a grab-friendly angle. ($20; 800-426-7229, [f] Load a AA battery into the featherweight IRIVER IFP-395T digital audio player and you'll more than double its heft. Still, this little lozenge carries roughly 17 hours of MP3s. ($300; 800-399-1799, [g] ARBOR's HYBRID 38 longboard will serve skaters well on both wide, lonesome roads and the sidewalk leading to the local Kwik-E-Mart. The koa-wood topsheet is pretreated with a gritty finish, so there's no need to plaster it with grip tape. ($160; 310-656-3268,