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THIS STRENGTH REGIMEN—designed by Los Angeles–based coach Steve Ilg, author of Total Body Transformation (Hyperion)—was built to match the groove of the Zen room. » YOU CAN ACHIEVE what Ilg calls Wholistic Fitness with this routine, which utilizes yoga blocks to create strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility. » STRUCTURE RULES: Unless noted, do each exercise for one minute. Breathe via your nose and move through each superset without resting. Limit recovery time between supersets to one minute. And if you're going to complete the 19-minute workout more than once a week, skip a day between each session.

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CLICK HERE to check out Steve Ilg’s complete five-day strength-and-endurance routine.

Superset 2
1. BENT-LEG TWIST CRUNCH Same as leg crunch in first superset, but twist left elbow toward right knee, alternating elbow and knee with each crunch. 2. EXTENDED-LEG TWIST CRUNCH Start in extended-leg-crunch position from first superset, but twist left elbow toward right knee, alternating elbow and knee each time.

Squats, Lateral Reed Reps, Bear-Squat Biceps Curls, and Extended Yogi Squats

exercise in illustration

Superset 4: Squats and Lateral Reed Reps

1. SQUATS Drop drown until your thighs are parallel to the floor; keep arms and torso as close to vertical as possible. 2. LATERAL REED REPS Flex to the right as far as possible without bending your arms or legs; hold for 30 seconds; flex to the left for 30 seconds.
» Repeat the superset once.
1. BEAR-SQUAT BICEP CURLS Curl one hand to shoulder while simultaneously pressing down with other hand and repeat slowly for 30 seconds; reverse arms and repeat. 2. EXTENDED YOGI SQUATS Hold arms parallel to floor, keeping torso as vertical as possible.
» Repeat the superset once.

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