Basic Training

Wednesday – Friday

Jan 1, 2005
Outside Magazine

WEDNESDAY » Cardio: ten minutes, moderate intensity, followed by five minutes of bench step-ups/step-downs; repeat in same order
Strength: (1) barbell curls (vary grip width on each set); (2) reverse-grip barbell curls; (3) hammer dumbbell curls; (4) triceps dumbbell kickbacks or cable push-downs; (5) triceps barbell extensions or triceps cable pulls; (6) bench dips; (7) reverse crunches (keep shoulders on the floor and curl knees to your chin); (8) bicycle crunches; (9) dumbbell, or cable, side crunches (while standing, hold a dumbbell or cable handle in one hand, then lean away and return upright)

THURSDAY » Cardio: five-minute warm-up, then 30-second sprint and 90-second recovery (moderate intensity); repeat 30/90 cycle for 25 minutes; five-minute cooldown
Strength: (1) seated toe raises (place a weighted barbell across thighs) or calf press; (2) single-leg toe raises (hold dumbbell or cable in one hand, then balance on same-side foot while extending up onto your toes)

FRIDAY » Cardio: five-minute warm-up, then 30 seconds increased resistance and 90 seconds original resistance; repeat 30/90 cycle for 20 minutes; five-minute cooldown.
Strength: (1) overhead barbell press; (2) alternating overhead dumbbell press; (3) lateral dumbbell or cable raises; (4) upright barbell rows; (5) front dumbbell raises; (6) bent-over dumbbell lateral raises; (7) bicycle crunches; (8) oblique knee lifts (sit on edge of bench, keeping knees together, then bring one knee toward opposite shoulder, alternating knees); (9) bent-leg pike crunches (curl your knees and shoulders toward each other simultaneously)