The Clown

Oct 23, 2007
Outside Magazine
Food Q&A

What's the difference between whole grains and processed whole grains?

Nothing, in terms of nutrition. Here's a primer. Whole grains: Seeds are intact, surrounded by an endosperm and nutrient-rich germ and bran.

Processed whole grains: Seeds have been cracked, rolled, crushed, or ground and provide the same nutrition as the original whole grain.

Avoid refined grains (nutrient-poor white flour) and enriched grains (same as refined but with some nutrients restored).

Your Stomach

If you find yourself injured and in ski patroller Dan Robichaud's sled, know this: Not only was the 33-year-old Squaw Valley's 2003 patroller of the year; he's a former wasabi-eating champion at Mamasake sushi restaurant. Not bad for a rowdy Red Sox fan who's known affectionately around town as Jackass Dan. So where does this party animal get a drink after saving lives on the mountain all day? "I go to the Auld Dubliner (, in the village at Squaw, for a Guinness and a shot of Jameson," he says.

ON DAN (left): Cloverdale sunglasses ($110) by SPY OPTIC; Valley Full-Zip jacket ($95) by PATAGONIA; Orvis shirt ($48) by PLANET EARTH; Iconic Khaki pant ($48) by DOCKERS.

ON JEREMY (right): Norse Sweater ($120) by HELLY HANSEN. Photographed at the Cal Neva Resort, Crystal Bay, Nevada.

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