Running Shoe Innovations

A new way to tie one on

May 20, 2008
Outside Magazine
Running Shoe Innovations

   Photo: Jameson Simpson

Since the invention of the mastodon-hide sandal, humanity has continued to search for the best way to keep shoes snugly attached to your feet. (Velcro, you were this close.) Now, there's the new Inner Lock Lacing System from ASICS. Whereas the laces of most running shoes simply cinch the upper—tightening the shoe's sidewalls and pressing the foot down onto the footbed—the new Trail Sensor 2 WR ($110;, available in June, is designed to cradle the entire foot, resulting in a snugger fit that—in theory, at least—should save more energy for forward motion.

The Innovation
Two winglike inner sleeves are sewn inside the shoe's upper. One lace (blue) snugs the wings tightly around the foot, locking it down and back. The other (red) closes the upper, providing another layer of security.

The Result
A more secure fit that doesn't pinch blood vessels on the top of the foot.Plus less interior slippage means less wasted energy—especially uphill—which might make you faster. Look for a complete review in our Winter Buyer's Guide.

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