Dagger's Alchemy Adventure Kayak

Outside Editors' Choice

Jul 21, 2010
Outside Magazine
Dagger's Alchemy

   Photo: Photo by Inga Hendrickson

If we had to categorize Dagger's Alchemy, we'd call it an exploration boat. With a more radically shaped hull than your average sea kayak, this 14-footer is agile enough for everything from coastal rock gardening to surfing and even running mellow (Class II or so) rapids. But there's also an adjustable skeg and three dry hatches when you just want to make tracks for a few days. Beginning and intermediate paddlers might find the lack of primary stability a bit unsettling at first, but its secondary stability—the kind you need to keep from capsizing—is solid. 14', 51 lbs; $1,295; dagger.com

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