NovaCraft's RobRoy

Best for: solo excursions

NovaCraft's RobRoy

   Photo: Photo by Inga Hendrickson

Is it a canoe or a kayak? With a seat that can be adjusted for sitting (kayaking) or kneeling (canoeing), Ontario-based NovaCraft's RobRoy feels at home on any type of flatwater, from narrow creeks to big, open lakes. "It's not particularly fast, but it's extremely efficient—and the secondary stability is excellent," said our tester, Darren Bush, owner of Madison, Wisconsin's Rutabaga Paddlesports. The large cockpit is easy to get in and out of, and there's enough cargo space for a weeklong trip. Our only gripe was with the seat, which has a bit too much lateral play. 13', 32 lbs; from $1,695;

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