El Salvador

Surfing, Mountain Biking, and Wakeboarding

Mar 25, 2008
Outside Magazine
El Salvador

Ripping it up off El Salvador's coast    Photo: courtesy, AccessTrips.com/Corsatur

With civil war a thing of the past and a tourism board investing heavily in getting the word out about its world-class surf and unexplored rainforests, tiny El Salvador is poised to become a cooler, far less trampled alternative to Costa Rica. Access Trips, a six-year-old instruction-oriented outfitter co-founded by former investment banker/pro snowboarder Alain Chuard, has been introducing surfers to El Salvador since 2006. On this new seven-day multisport trip, you'll spend three days at a beachfront resort riding the glassy, consistent swells and wakeboarding the mangrove-sheltered lagoons of Costa del Sol, south of San Salvador; then head northwest to the village of Tacuba, on the edge of mountainous El Imposible National Park, where you'll stay in a family-owned inn on a coffee plantation and pedal steep singletrack through the butterfly- and bird-filled jungle. OUTFITTER: Access Trips; accesstrips.com PRICE: $1,450 DIFFICULTY: Moderate WHEN TO GO: February, June, October–December