Vacation Homes: Lake Placid Region, New York

Feb 16, 2010
Outside Magazine
Lake Placid Region

Lake Placid   

The Northeast's best hiking? Check. Sweet road and mountain biking? Check. Alpine and nordic skiing? Check. But you come mostly for the water┬Śnot just Placid itself but 3,000 other lakes, plus thousands of miles of rivers and streams (some offering Class V rapids). The town of Lake Placid sits in the middle of six-million-acre Adirondack Park, one of the largest protected public areas in the lower 48. Canoeing and kayaking are huge here, and larger lakes allow motorized watercraft. If your vacation fantasy includes a vintage mahogany runabout, welcome home.
NUMBERS: Waterfront homes on the region's smaller lakes start at $500K, small cottages and in-town condos at $200K.
INTEL: "Prices on surrounding lakes are a third less than Lake Placid," says Robert Politi, town supervisor and a realtor with Merrill L. Thomas.
ACCESS: About two hours from the Albany, New York, and Burlington, Vermont, airports; five hours from New York City.