Orbea Orca SRD


Apr 12, 2011
Outside Magazine
Orbea Orca SRD RSL road bike

Orbea Orca SRD    Photo: Photo by Inga Hendrickson

THE SELL: An aerodynamic racer gets even faster.
THE TEST: This year's Orca scored near the top of the charts in almost every category we tested. The aero tubing on the 2011 edition is tweaked with new shaping in the fork, headset, seatpost, and chainstays to reduce drag. But what surprised us more than the quickness (this bike has always been fast) was the forgiving ride quality. "Angular tubes like these usually hurt, but here they were comfortable," one tester commented.
THE VERDICT: Although we had small quibbles—the Selle saddle felt like sitting on an anvil, the seat attachment was finicky—it's hard to argue with a bike so silky and fast. 15.6 lbs (57); www.orbea.com

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