Sample Exercises

Before each workout, warm up with an easy ten-minute ride or jog, then stretch.

May 13, 2009
Outside Magazine

DRILL: Self-massage and core conditioning; 45 minutes.
INSTRUCTIONS: Use a foam roller on your IT bands, calves, and hamstrings for 20 minutes. Then do ten minutes of planks and 15 minutes of ball crunches and back extensions.

DRILL: Threshold intervals, 60 (run) to 90 (bike) minutes. Intervals will be done just below lactate threshold. "Rest" means easy endurance/conversational pace.
INSTRUCTIONS: BIKE: Three 15-minute intervals with five to seven minutes of rest after each. Finish with six all-out sprints lasting five to 20 seconds, with five minutes of recovery after each. RUN: Three or four five-minute intervals with five minutes of recovery after each. The rest of your run should be at a moderate endurance pace.

DRILL: Strength and core work, 30 minutes.
INSTRUCTIONS: Three sets of 12–15 single-leg squats with dumbbells to retain muscle mass. Next do a 20-minute version of Monday's core workout.

DRILL: VO2 max intervals, about 45 minutes. Training at your VO2 max provides the positive stress you need for speed.
INSTRUCTIONS: BIKE: Three to five intervals of three to five minutes apiece, with equal recovery after each. As your conditioning improves, try four eight-minute intervals. RUN: Four intervals of three to five minutes at 95 percent of your best one-mile time, with equal rest after each.

DRILL: Sub-max beer drinking, feet on sofa.
INSTRUCTIONS: Boost your carb intake with a White Rascal wheat beer.

DRILL: Optional tempo training, 45 minutes with warm-up. "Tempo" is equivalent to 95 percent of your threshold pace.
INSTRUCTIONS: RIDE OR RUN: Tempo pace for 20–45 minutes. This is that moderate effort most of us revert to when left on our own. But feel free to take this day off.

DRILL: LSD: Make this ride or run at least as long as—or up to 50 percent longer than—your goal event.
INSTRUCTIONS: Stay at a conversational pace. If you have a heart-rate monitor, keep your pulse 20 to 25 beats below threshold. Do this three of the four weeks during your overload period. On the fourth, rest.