Go Big

Plant an Organic Garden, Master the Crane Pose, Motorcycle to Panama, Surf Baja, Follow a River

Jan 1, 2006
Outside Magazine

Surf your way down Baja's coast    Photo: Bruce Herman/Mexico Tourism

Plant an Organic Garden

Master the crane pose.
Novice yogis know bakasana, or the crane pose, as the pain-in-my-everything position that puts hands to floor, shins to triceps, butt in the air, and toes off the ground . . . and usually ends half a second later with a distinctly unbirdlike collapse on the floor. Consult www.yogajournal.com/poses for help.

Ride a motorcycle to Panama.

Surf your way down Baja's coast.
Arm yourself with a 4x4, a quiver of boards, and a few spare tires to poke along the Pacific coast of Mexico's Baja California. The 760-mile peninsula holds a lifetime of surfing potential: point breaks at K38, barrels at Isla Natividad, tequila and tropical water in Cabo. Baja Surf Adventures runs seven-day camping trips from $850. 800-428-7873, www.bajasurfadventures.com

Follow a River from Source to Sea
The 383-mile Potomac River starts as a trickle of water near the Fairfax Stone Site, in West Virginia, and ends in the Chesapeake Bay. Trail advocates are working to connect a network of Potomac Heritage Trails that will one day run along the entire river. But for now you can ride your bike on a flat hard-packed dirt trail along the 185-mile stretch of the C&O Canal from Cumberland, Maryland, to Washington, D.C. www.nps.gov/choh