Keep It Up

Ultrarunning ambassador Dean Karnazes shares his secrets for going, going, going …

May 20, 2008
Outside Magazine

1. Stay Connected: I let my family and friends track my position with the Bones in Motion software [from $6 a month;]. It syncs with my GPS-enabled cell phone and posts my real-time position, mileage, pace, and elevation gain on the Internet. They sometimes show up in the middle of nowhere to join me.

2. Double Your Light: I carry two lights when I'm night running, especially outside the city. I wear a Petzl Tikka XP headlamp [$50;] and carry a Princeton Tec Impact XL flashlight [$38;]. That way I can move my head around and still light my path with my handheld. I've found Energizer's e2 lithiums burn brighter and operate better in extreme temperatures.

3. Eat What Works: On longer runs, I follow a see-food diet. (I see food and I eat it.) Calorie-dense foods like granola, trail mix, and nuts are a mainstay. My all-time favorite concoction is an almond-butter-banana sandwich on whole-grain bread, with ample honey inside and soy sauce drizzled on the outside for sodium.

4. Mix Well: I run twice a day. I've found that revving up my metabolism that often seems to provide greater aerobic benefit and faster post-workout recovery, so my body adapts to the load more quickly. I also do Bikram yoga, mountain biking, surfing, and resistance training. Variety prevents injuries.

5. Heal Naturally: I like to recover as naturally as possible. I don't use ibuprofen or Tylenol, because I worry that it exacerbates injuries. A 30x-potency extract of Arnica montana flower is a good homeopathic treatment for muscle soreness. It's very mellow. I take three tablets, three times a day.

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