Women’s Cycling Gear Essentials

May 21, 2008
Outside Magazine
Women’s Cycling Gear Essentials

1. NOVARA STOWABLE BIKE JACKET A featherweight, polyurethane-coated ripstop windbreaker that's silky soft, comes in great colors, and sheds weather. $54; rei.com

2. PEARL IZUMI SLICE GLOVES Low-profile gel pads under the knuckles and palms make these our favorite hand protection. $30; pearlizumi.com

3. TERRY ZERO X SADDLE If other saddles have rubbed you the wrong way, the Zero X will be a boon. Its interchangeable textured cover stops you from sliding and helps prevent chafing. 9 oz, $120; terrybicycles.com

4. SHEBEEST STRADA SEAMLESS BRA This one's soft, stretchy, and supportive, plus the scoop neck looks good without being too risqué. $40; shebeest.com

5. DESCENTE SPIRIT SHORTS The polka-dotted side panels may be whimsical, but the chamois pad is bomber enough for even the most serious riders. $130; descenteathletic.com

6. SIDI GENIUS 5.5 CARBON COMPOSITE SHOES The ratcheting system snugs feet securely without creating pressure points. And thanks to ultrathin carbon composite in the soles, power transfer is off the charts. $320; sidiusa.com

7. TWIN SIX SPEEDY JERSEY The Speedy is road-ready with a retro attitude. $70; twinsix.com

8. SPECIALIZED PROPERO HELMET Deep channeled vents direct air for maximum cooling, and the head harness is easily adjustable on the fly. $100; specialized.com