Light Fantastic


Jun 1, 2006
Outside Magazine
summer biking gear

Photograph by Jens Mortensen

1. The Helmet GIRO's ATMOS combines hard-hat protection with hair-net comfort. It checks in at a scant 9.5 ounces, the Roc Loc 4-fit adjustment system ensures a rattle-free ride, and 26 vents cool your chimney. $189; 2. The Windshell SUGOI's STEALTH JACKET is to an old-school windbreaker what an iPod is to a Walkman—same family tree, much higher branch. The tailored cut and Excel Stretch fabric provide a trim fit without binding, and mesh pit vents let off steam. $115; 3. The Bike Planning a double century? Only a personal sag wagon would be more helpful than this speedster. KESTREL's EVOKE uses an advanced carbon-fiber weave, traditional tubing, and relaxed geometry to create a flyweight ride that doesn't sacrifice power transmission. Ultegra (pictured), $3,899; Dura-Ace, $5,399; 15.8 lbs; 4. The Jersey While others try to beat the instant-wicking, sharp-looking, odor-fighting properties of merino wool, IBEX simply makes the most of it. The full-zip, three-pocket BEEZER has retro-hip style, and the fine New Zealand merino feels like cashmere. $125; 5. The Bib Save your soft parts with SUGOI's RS FLEX BIB. Mobil Mesh accommodates a full range of motion for spinning and sprinting, and the elasticized chamois doesn't bunch or chafe. $145 6. The Shoes Price is no object when it comes to foot comfort. SIDI's ERGO 1: DINO SIGNORI EDITION matches a stiff carbon sole to synthetic leather-and-mesh uppers, and the micro-cinching closures, paired with multiple widths, mean there are few feet these kicks won't fit—perfectly. $499;