Stay ahead of the pack with this go-fast gear

May 16, 2007
Outside Magazine

1. Zoot Sports Zenith // By using 2mm rubber and adding 3mm panels in key areas, this wetsuit offers superior insulation and buoyancy without compromising flexibility. $600;

2. Zipp Speed Weaponry 343 // Ride the middle ground between deep-section rims and shallow climbing wheels. The 343 delivers low weight and aerodynamics, with a more shallow-profile front wheel and a deeper rear. Available in clincher or tubular. Clincher, $1,950; 744 grams (front), 884 grams (rear);

3. Profile Design Lightning Stryke // Unique aero-bar extensions emanate from a single point, reducing material and offering a strong aero position. $180, 375 grams;

4. Specialized TriVent Shoe // Key ingredients: breathable mesh uppers, two-strap security, a pull-on heel hook, and silver bottoms that reflect the pavement's radiant heat. $160;

5. Fuel Belt Helium 4 // Refuel without breaking stride: This reflective hydration belt gives you instant access to 32 ounces of fluids stored in four hand-size eight-ounce bottles. $45;

6. Selle San Marco Aspide Triathgel // This seat's tried-and-true design now has a thicker nose, with plenty of gel, for ultimate comfort while in the time-trial position. $200, 185 grams;

7. Orca Killa Tri Suit // Choose this one-piece when wetsuits aren't allowed. It acts like a second skin, allowing moisture to escape while repelling water. $275;

8. Giro Advantage 2 // With this ventilated lid descended from pro models, you'll blur by competitors in good style. $150;