Open-Water Swimming

Who needs a boat when you can cross the ocean under your own power?

May 16, 2007
Outside Magazine
Open-Water Swimming

1. Nike Challenger II // Smoke-tinted lenses subdue the sun's glare, while a wide-view design allows enough peripheral vision to spot other swimmers. Plus, an adjustable nosepiece and wide head strap fit snugly with or without a swim cap. $13;

2. Quintana Roo HydroJohn // The sleeveless HydroJohn keeps your core toasty without restricting shoulder movement. Bonus: The 5mm neoprene padding in the hips and thighs lends extra buoyancy and helps improve form. $299;

3. Bodyglide Sun Screen Stick // Two-for-one protection: In addition to being SPF 25, this all-natural, unscented lube eliminates friction at chafing hot spots like under your armpits and around the neckline of your wetsuit. $9 (1.3 oz);

4. TYR Pull Float // Take this to the pool and train your upper body by immobilizing your legs. $11;

5. Finis zoomers z2 // Use these fins during pool sessions to promote a quick kick. $40;

6. Speedo XD Skin Jammer // You're training for a triathlon, but you'd rather not look like you're training for a triathlon. The Jammer's supersleek and stretchy nylon-based fabric is race-day fast, while its mid-thigh-length cut keeps you decent. $74;

7. TYR Aqua Shift Cap // A drag-reducing design (called Tripwire) helps your head slice through the water with less resistance. Tip: Get one in a bright color to increase your visibility in crowded waters. $12

8. TYR Streamline Training Board // Improve your kick and lower-body strength with this lap-swimming tool. $15

9. TYR Warmwear Cap // Made of silicone-coated Lycra and cut to cover your ears, the Warmwear is toastier than a traditional swim cap, making it a must-have for those chilly early-morning training sessions. $16

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