The Best Commuter Bikes: Surly Cross-Check

The easiest way to build fun and adventure into every day? Lose the car keys and ride your bike to work—and everywhere else. Here's how to pull it off in style. Saddle up!

Sep 30, 2009
Outside Magazine
Surly Cross-Check

   Photo: Photograph by Ryan Heffernan

Cyclocross bikes already feature road-bike-like geometry plus the ability to tear up all but the most challenging singletrack, but Surly designed the Cross-Check to do even more. Not only does it accept fat tires; it's also easily transformed into a fully racked and fendered light-touring model. It's perfect for those commutes that trace a mixed-terrain route stitched together to make time and avoid busy streets. $1,050; ALSO SEE: The Bianchi Volpe ($1,100;, a similar multiple-personality cyclocross machine, with STI brifters, in case you prefer them to the Surly's less fussy bar-end friction shifters.

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