Power Camping

Go ahead, bring your DVD player for rainy days. Eureka!'s electric plug-and-play tents let you rough it in style.

May 16, 2007
Outside Magazine

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1.) Battery
The power source, dubbed the E! Power Pak, is a rechargeable battery enclosed in a polypropylene case. Charge it at home (viaa standard outlet) or in your car (using a 12-volt adapter cord). It takes 12 hours to charge and lasts up to nine hours using the E! Power reading light. An indi-cator light displays how much juice remains.

2.) Control
A power switch (located near the tent floor in two models, on the wall in a third) allows you to independently control all three outlets¬ówithout getting out of your sleeping bag. Separate indicator lights glow green when the power is on and go dark when the juice is off.

3.) Wiring
An integrated E! Power "harness" conceals the system's wiring, which comes factory-installed and doesn't interfere with setup or storage. The wiring can be removed by unfastening the hook-and-loop closures of the sleeves.

4.) Outlets
Three 12-volt DC electric outlets glow blue when the power is on. They're wired into three different areas inside the tent and require an adapter cord (included) for use with most devices.

The E! Power system is available in three Eureka! tents (N!ergy 9, N!ergy 1210, and N!ergy 1310), starting at $280. eurekatent.com

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