America Pacifica by Anna North

Sci-Fi Thriller

Jun 14, 2011
Outside Magazine
America Pacifica by Anna North

America Pacifica by Anna North    Photo: Courtesy of Little, Brown

Darcy is the 18-year-old protagonist, but the setting is the character that steals the show in Anna North’s first novel, America Pacifica (Little, Brown, $25). It’s the not-so-distant future, after the next ice age, and Darcy’s mother has suspiciously disappeared. Darcy floats around the island of America Pacifica looking for clues to her mother’s disappearance but instead finds herself sucked into the dark politics of the sodden, impoverished country. It’s a place where everyone eats jellyfish powder and wears clothing made from proprietary Seafiber. Think Waterworld with the skill of Winter’s Bone.