10) La Curva, July 12th 2004, Jandilla Run

The tenth most dangerous moment from the of the Running of the Bulls.

Jul 5, 2011
Outside Magazine
Tom Turley

Tom Turley    Photo: Luis Azanza

On each day of the Festival de San Fermin, a different ranch runs its bulls. On this nightmarish day, all of the bulls came from the Jandilla breed. The Jandilla is a distinct blood-line of bull from one of the most feared ranches in Encierro history. I don’t know what they put in the field grass on the Jandilla ranch, but it has created some of the most monstrous and wrathful beasts I’ve ever encountered.

Once released, they instantly began hooking runners on the Santo Domingo street. It was the bloodiest day of the past decade. At the dangerous sharp banking turn known as La Curva, the tight herd was dismantled and the legend of a new American runner was born. Tom Turley learned running from a legendary New York Divino named Joe Distler. Distler is known as the "Iron Man of Pamplona" because he hasn’t missed a single Encierro since the 1960’s. Distler schooled Turley on the tricks of the trade at the curve. After many years running with the bulls, Turley made his name at the curve when he cut in front of one of the deadliest bulls from the Jandilla breed. A brown striped bovine named Zarabando came raring around the corner ready to cut into unexperienced runners. Turley ran in front of the bull's horns for several yards then passed to the side. In doing this, Turley lured Zarabando up the street and kept him from halting and goring other runners.

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