9) Pile Up in the Tunnel, July 12th 2004, Jandilla Run

The ninth most dangerous moment from the Running of the Bulls

Jul 5, 2011
Outside Magazine

As the runners neared the arena en masse, they piled up at the opening of the tunnel. Most of the bulls leapt through the crowd, but two trailing bulls stopped at the sight of so many people. Trigueno, a black Jandilla-bull, plucked Divino Julien Medina out of the pile and gored him repeatedly. One serious shot near the spine almost killed him. A bull named Zambrando turned backward and gored several of the fallen. Sweeper steers—released minutes after the main pack to help corral stray bulls—entered the tunnel and bucked Zambrando through the passage into the arena. Finally, Trigueno entered the corrals and that terrible morning ended.

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