8) The Encore, July 11th 2005 Jandilla Run

The eighth most dangerous moment from the Running of the Bulls.

Jul 5, 2011
Outside Magazine

The Jandilla breed nearly matched their previous year’s nightmarish stampede. The pack crashed violently at La Curva. The herd splintered and three bulls turned backward up the street. They gored several runners. After two turned back, there was one jet-black bull left named Vaporoso. Tom Turley turned Vaporoso and led him up Estafeta Street. Vaporoso then peeled off isolating a Spaniard named Xabier Salillas who’d fallen near a doorway. Vaporoso gored Salillas several times. A runner in a purple striped shirt named Miguel Angel Pérez came to Salillas’ aid. He grabbed Vaporoso’s tail, a technique which disorients and freezes the animal, then turned Vaporoso and led him up the street. Vaporoso continued his rampage throwing and goring several others before he was finished.

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