7) Universal, July 12th 2007, Marquez de Domecq Run

The seventh most dangerous moment from the Running of the Bulls.

Jul 5, 2011
Outside Magazine

"Universal" gores a runner in the upper back    Photo: Copyright Jim Hollander, not to be reproduced in any form



Universal became a legendary bull when he gored seven different runners in one day. Then he met a 75-year-old English woman nicknamed Frosty and things promised to get worse. Frosty was on Estafata street right behind Bar Windsor in her usual running position, which is to say she was standing between two vertical PVC drain pipes with her back against the wall puffing on a Marlboro Light 100. On his way up Estafeta street, Universal stalled and locked onto Frosty, a mere stride away. As he prepared to charge, a Spanish runner named Jose Antonio, who is deaf and mute, attracted the bull's attention with a flick of his morning paper and lured him up the street.

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