3) Goring in the Tunnel, July 12th 2009, Miura Run

The third most dangerous moment from the Running of the Bulls.

Jul 5, 2011
Outside Magazine

Ermitaño wasn’t finished tormenting the streets that morning. Just as he was entering the tunnel, a 44-year-old veteran runner named Pello Torreblanca ran before his horns. Ermitaño bellowed and lunged. He gored Torreblanca in the thigh and then flung him into the air. Many runners came to his aid. David Rodriguez (Green), grabbed hold of Ermitaño’s tail. Ermitaño’s next move was to place his horn in the center of Torreblanca’s chest and lift him high off his feet and pin him to the inner wall of the tunnel. When Torreblanca finally unhinged from the horn, Ermitaño bellowed savagely. In the chaos the others released their grip and Rodriguez was drug by Ermitaño where he continued to gore Torreblanca. Torreblanca miraculously survived. Those Mozos who came to Torreblanca’s aid undoubtedly saved his life.

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