2) The Straggler, July 9th, 2010, Fuente Ymbro Run

The second most dangerous moment from the Running of the Bulls.

Jul 5, 2011
Outside Magazine

A 1500-pound bull named Tramposo (Cheater) fell behind the pack running up the streets and took a long time making his way towards the arena. I happened upon this and helped lure Tramposo up the street (blue stripes) with David Rodriguez (green) and Miguel-Angel (white). We lured the bull up the straight away of Estafeta. I got winded and climbed out through the barricades; seconds later Tramposo crashed into them and gored a runner though the thigh. David Rodriguez grabbed Tramposo’s tail and was dragged across the street and whipped out into the oncoming sweeper steers. Rodriguez miraculously avoided being trampled. Then he and Miguel-Angel helped lure Tramposo all the way into the arena.

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