Patellafemoral Pain Syndrome

A.K.A. Runner's Knee

Oct 12, 2011
Outside Magazine
First aid kit

First aid kit    Photo: Mark Wiens / Masterfile

What It Is: Chronic pain, usually below the kneecap, exacerbated by running, cycling, and climbing or descending hills.
Old Medicine: Cut back on mileage; wear a knee brace.
New Thinking: It’s rarely about the knee itself. “Knee pain ­often stems from weak hips and feet,” says Cucuzzella. Which is why a knee brace won’t help.
Latest Cure: Exercises that strengthen the feet and gluteus ­medius ­muscles. Single-leg work in particular helps bring your stance into alignment, so spend a few minutes several times a day balancing on one foot. As your strength progresses, move to single-leg squats.